Win a $100 Ugmonk Shopping Spree!

December 12, 2011 | 331 Comments

Christmas is just around the corner, and especially this time of year, it can be as much fun to give as to receive. We are giving away two $100 Ugmonk Gift Cards.

2 Ways to Enter:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite holiday tradition.
2. Go to our Facebook page and click “share” on the contest post.

Enter at both places to increase your chances to win. The two winners will be chosen at random on Friday, December 16th. Happy Holidays!

  • Randy Unruh

    A Chic-Fil-A chicken nugget platter with the inlaws, and watching all the christmas classics on tv…you know, like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Classic.

  • wvpv

    my favorite christmas tradition: staying up late playing games and then sleeping in.

  • Eric Almes

    It might not be the most exciting, but our family watch’s “Christmas Vacation” together every single Christmas Eve no matter what our schedules are like.  Since us kids are all moved out and can’t all get together as often as we’d like, it’s that much more special when we can get together to enjoy catching up on each other’s lives and enjoy the many laughs of the night.

  • Yu Jier

    Spending time with my friends and family.

  • Phil Tretheway

    Favorite tradition is a full day of cooking extravaganza and a little football mixed in

  • Appelenian

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is to have family n friends game nite. We play jst about anything from old card games to traditional board games :)

  • Coco Low

    standing by the window, imagining what it would be like to see snow-capped flats in singapore.

  • Jennifer Han

    I love getting dressed up for church and spending time with my church family. 

  • Carolyn&Angelina

    My favourite Christmas tradition is hanging out and eating with my family and friends, after going to church on Christmas morning. 

  • Jessica Lee

    My favorite Christmas tradition is having a homemade family lunch or early dinner.  After lunch/dinner, we all exchange/open Christmas gifts and just hang out, catching up with everyone.  :) 

    Oh, and my family has Christmas stockings with all of our names (all of the kids’ names) embroidered on them.  Our Christmas stocking stuffers are usually the same every year — jelly beans, movie tickets, chocolates, more candies, lip gloss or lotion for girls, etc.

    The homemade food and spending time with family are both priceless.

  • Fares Fayad

    My favorite holiday tradition is my mum roasting chestnuts and the family dinner that ensues : )

  • Chris

    One of my favorite traditions is watching A Christmas Story ad nauseum! 

  • Pablo Fernandez

    My favorite tradition is the food and drinks that my parents do for the night before xmas. They’re delicious!

  • LBKirsop

    totally tast minute Christmas shopping–nothing like those goofy  high stress bonding moments with friends!

  • Martin

    People are wonderful. Spending time with my family and friends is what I most look forward to over holiday break!

  • Blake

    The inappropriate gifts my father buys the old ladies for Christmas. Always wrong but pretty hilarious nonetheless.

  • Labollenbach

    We have a glass pickle ornament on our tree.  Dad hides it Christmas morning and the first one to find it gets money.  Always fun to watch the kids looking for it as soon as they come downstairs Christmas morning.

  • Todd Downs

    Relient K’s Christmas album “Let It Snow Baby… Let it Reindeer” from Thanksgiving till Christmas!

  • Craig Thompson

    I usually go for a movie with family, either something Christmassy although I really want to see Mission Impossible this year.

  • Marcus

    Carving that gammon ham and roast beef with the family samurai sword.

  • James Traf

    My favourite holiday tradition is decorating with my family! 

  • Nahan

    Favorite part of the holidays: watching my father sing “holy night” every Christmas Eve.

  • Glorimar Rosa

    Sharing Pannettone with hot cocoa with my family! 

  • Shawn Bench

    Cutting down the Christmas tree and then coming home to eggnog and rum

  • Matt Avolio

    My favorite Xmas tradition would have to driving up to Santa Barbara to be with my family, to then go and sit in the living room and watch 3 NINJAS with my little bro.  We do it every xmas.  PLEASE pick me for the 100 dollar gift card, I want to get my little bro a shirt and we will make wearing UGmonk on xmas our new tradition.  

  • Kristina

    Favorite recent holiday tradition; Getting the Christmas Tree at home depot with my boyfriends family :)

  • Luke Chesser

    Family picture with everyone, that never ends up right, usually because our dog decides to walk out of the picture just as the timer goes. Then when we put him to the side and try it without him, he stumbles back in and stands in front of the camera. Every year.

  • Steve Krysak

    My favourite tradition: Recreating my late mother’s rum ball recipie for every christmas party I go to.

  • Galvez_flipunk

    christmas with my family :)

  • Kenny Gordon

    Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, Nightmare Before Christmas, and finishing it off with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

  • Joe zimka

    Nowadays, its Iphones, Xboxs, Macbooks, Ipads… but when i was a kid… We had to turn off our Gameboys, Put away our Tomogotchi Eggs and Nerf Guns, and sit by the fire with my family and play monopoly.