Ugmonk Studio Tour

January 17, 2014 | 62 Comments

Thanks to technology we can work from almost anywhere. Though there are advantages of living in a big city, there are also advantages of being away from the chaos and having a quiet dedicated space to think and create. I spend most days here in my home studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia and enjoy the distraction-free environment that’s just a few steps away from hiking trails and fresh air. I designed a space that fits my personal workflow and surround myself with things that inspire me. From giant wood signage to my grandfather’s vintage cameras to a simple white desk, everything in my space contributes to the aesthetic and style of my work. My favorite aspect of my current setup is the refreshing natural light from the windows that creates an ever-changing view as the seasons come and go. The space will continue to evolve as I refine the details, but I hope you enjoy this peek inside the Ugmonk HQ and are inspired to design your own personal workspace.

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  • Gabriel Barletta

    Killer setup Jeff! Happy for you guys!

  • Christopher Rice


  • Ruben

    GAD DAMN!!
    your desk looks delicious!

    another thing that caught my eye was the pipelines for supporting your tshirts.

    amazing setup all around.


    • Jeff Sheldon

      Thanks :)

  • Carlos Vargas

    Love it…working on my own little studio myself.

  • Ash Kayser

    Anyone happen to know where that Helvetica Calendar comes from?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      It’s the Stendig calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli.

  • Wibby

    Where can I get that desk?! Your entire setup looks absolutely wonderful. Love that natural light…

    • Jeff Sheldon

      It’s actually just a dining table from IKEA :)

      • Wibby

        Ah sweet, thanks for the info!

  • Oisin Conolly

    so envious….
    I really need to try create some of those terrariums. I love the added green they give to the room

  • Ceci N’est Pas Matthieu

    Have you got a tip for the war between dust and me? ^^ Awesome decoration.

  • Usef kasiri

    I’m Joseph, from Iran !
    Decorating Studio is super nice, Apple is a good time to show off :D

    Good luck.

  • Ludovic

    Wow :) in love with your workspace !!!
    Where can i buy your speakers ?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      Thanks! The speakers are the Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

      • Ludovic

        Thanks guy ;)

  • miss twenty-one

    very nice workspace, especially the natural light that comes in, would love to work there

  • Scott

    Love the setup! Anyone know where to get the wooden platform from?

  • Chris

    I’m inspired.

  • ChrisSanders

    This is my dream. I’ll make it happen. Thanks for the motivation & inspiration.

  • oddattributes


  • Xavius Levy

    Where can I find good mock ups similar to the ones you use?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      We don’t use mockups. Just photos of the actual products :)

  • Jessica Lee

    I love everything about Ugmonk website and your home studio! I love how your studio is so clean and organized. Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Jeff! Always so inspirational!

  • Juan Pablo Fonrodona

    What happen with the OpenFrame? :( I see one next to your iMac

    • Jeff Sheldon

      We’re working on bringing it back sometime this year after we smooth out some production and shipping issues. Stay tuned for more updates :)

  • Marc

    Looking good :) I love the lamp, you did it yourself?

  • f3dorov

    What is a basic white desk? Is he from IKEA?

    • dlm12

      Same question ! Can you tell us wich table this is ?

      • Jeff Sheldon

        Can’t remember the name off hand, but it’s actually just a dining table from IKEA.

  • Preston Attebery

    How did you make that lamp? Could you point me to the DIY tutorial?

  • Ahmed

    Where did you get the Mini Figures?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      They are made by UNKL.

  • Rebeca

    Jeff, where did you get the neat toys? Beautiful studio by the way :)

    • Jeff Sheldon

      Thanks. The toys are made by UNKL.

  • abstractsbybrian

    that speaker and light setup.. ooh just such a visual treat!

  • Steffen & Viktoria

    Beautiful setup you built for yourself — may we ask how you treated the Ivar shelves? Are they oiled or stained & oiled, the pine looks really great!

    • Jeff Sheldon

      Thanks. I used a natural tint polyurethane for the shelves. They’ve darkened a bit over time from the sunlight.

      • Steffen & Viktoria

        Thanks so much, Jeff. We had the same idea with painting some parts white, but your pine does look a tad nicer than ours : )

  • Dave Mallalieu

    Amazing studio. Love the brand and its seems to be going from strength to strength. Keep it going!

  • goodkick

    What camera use ?

    • Paul

      I’d also like to know what camera you use to take your images. Do you also use the same camera to take the images of your shirts and products?

      • Jeff Sheldon

        I shoot with a Panasonic Lumix GF1 for all of my photos. It’s been a great little camera and quite the workhorse over the years.

        • Gabriel Barletta

          Are all these shots with the 20mm?

          • Jeff Sheldon

            Yes all 20mm. It’s actually the only lens I have.

          • Gabriel Barletta

            So awesome man. Definitely doesn’t seem that way with diversity of your photos.

  • Parse & Parcel

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse inside your studio. I love everything about your brand but have to say enjoy you sharing your story as part of the brand the most. So inspiring!

  • C Cay

    Did you do the emboss of the (&) logo on the leather notebook, and if so, can you please share how?” I’m making a portfolio for college. Thank you!

  • JustASaint

    Very cool, can you share where you found those clear, hanging bromeliad spheres?

  • Gabriel Barletta

    One last question. Where’d you get the shelves that hold your extra photo gear, vinyl toys, etc. if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      IKEA. Bought them unfinished and finished them myself.

      • Gabriel Barletta

        Nice. Thanks man!

  • Qiu Wubing

    Hi Jeff, got to know many brands from your studio tour. May I ask what is the brand of the cool looking lamp by your iMac?

  • Qiu Wubing

    Hi Jeff, is the orange chair you got by Eames?

  • Qiu Wubing

    Hi Jeff, is the chair by Eames? It is really nice. :-)

    • Jeff Sheldon

      Yes, it’s a vintage Eames fiberglass shell chair.

  • Gabriel

    Do you think you can tell me the size of your desk ? The white desk where the iMac stands. Width height, etcetera?

    Thank you.

  • Naved Ahmed

    Hello there, i am following for a very long time now, i think back when you had only four designs :), i never commented always remained a silent follower, but i truly admire what you have done and achieved, truly an inspiration for me :). I am moving very soon to my homeland and have plans to build a studio of my own where i can work in my own beautiful solitude, something similar to what you have here. And i must say that your work inspired me a lot for taking this road less traveled :), All the best and keep inspiring :)

    • Jeff Sheldon

      Thanks Naved! Appreciate you following along all of these years. Glad to inspire.

  • Scott

    Hi Jeff – This is amazing! Can you share where you found the mobile rack the shirts hang on with the shelves?