Mini Basketball Hoop

June 25, 2014 | 4 Comments

Growing up my brothers and I played a ton of basketball, either in the driveway or inside on our mini Koosh basketball hoop. Basketball has always been part of my life and something I still enjoy to this day. When I came across these awesome hoops by Justin Tymes (an Ugmonk fan and customer) the kid in me was dying to get a custom one to hang in my studio.

Pictured below is the Mini Pro 1.0 model customized with the Ugmonk Ampersand. The hoops are manufactured in Michigan and are incredibly well-built. As their slogan says they are the “The Most Realistic Mini Basketball Hoops in the World.” So if you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m probably off practicing my shot.

Check out their full range here:


  • José

    Damn that’s beautiful

  • Oskar

    Hey, I am from Great hoop, looks fantastic, I have one question though, can it be sticked onto a plain wall or does it have to clip onto a door?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      I believe they offer both types of attachments. I screwed this one into a wall stud.

  • Mmkk

    What net is that? Is the net which I can find at JustInTymeSports’s web page