New Lookbook is Live

July 22, 2014 | 2 Comments

When shopping online it can be hard to tell how the products will look in person, but lookbooks help bridge that gap and show the products in context. Today, we’re excited to release a brand new Ugmonk Lookbook! (photography by our friends Bethany Olson and Cory Staudacher)

We also added some handy functionality with this lookbook that allows you to quickly jump to the products that are featured in these photos. Just click on the “+” symbols for more info about the items in each photo.

Click here to view the full lookbook

Click here to view the full lookbook


  • Peter Von F

    Beautiful images, Jeff! I’m sure you have answered this in a previous posting, but what camera do you use?

    • Jeff Sheldon

      I currently shoot with a Panasonic GF1 for the product shots but these are shot by Bethany Oslon and Cory Staudacher with a Canon 5D Mark II I believe.